Well this sounds irritating. I apologize. I didn't realize this was happening. Feel free to DM me to let me know. I saw the guy having the issues a few months back and I thought we whitelisted him.

I'm a bit busy until mid-next week, but I'll put my focus on this problem then. Spam is definitely down but this sounds like a terrible user experience.
Irritating for sure. Lately it (Captcha) has been trying to redirect me to the puzzle page but finally lets me pass to where ever I was going. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I can be on here for an hour and boom, it pops up when I try to switch threads. Then there are days it pops up every other page flip.
@Serious Poo my best guess for your instance is that it looks like your IP address changes constantly which makes Cloudflare unhappy. Again, I'll get this fixed early next week.
Good to know that we are dealing with Cloudflare, and that it is likely IP based. That would explain my experience going to my office this week.

So I became a member almost exactly a year ago. The only time I recall having Captcha pop up was around June of 2021. Now, the past week or so, I am getting error screens intermittently on the site. I get them when I am switching threads, I get them when I first pull the site up in my browser (FF), I get them when I want to post something. I got one on my way here to go from page 3 to page 4 of this thread. I get two screens. First one lasts a few seconds, second one is final destination.


You should be able to see here this is Win 10 with FF browser if that helps any. I know for a fact that my IP addy is fixed (when it changes, I have to notify several clients, has only changed 3 or 4 times in 10 years) and I am not running through any VPN (I changed my location info to Undisclosed Location in the print screen above, it had originally displayed the nearest large city). This is happening more and more, and becoming quite annoying. I understand it is probably due to the resolution of the captcha stuff, but this problem is just as bad if not worse IMO! Site has also been taking a long time to load (sometimes as much as 30 seconds) and I have tested my connection when that happens, was not me ;~)) Finally (and a bit off topic, but hopefully the powers controlling this forum can resolve this as well), for about a month now, I have stopped receiving notifications on threads I am "watching". Today I noticed that I had missed two Private Stock Fridays because if I don't get a reminder, I don't remember! I am sure this is un-related to captcha or these site timeouts/errors, but it just started not to long ago as well. Thanks to all who can help resolve these issues.
And a new wrinkle in the problem, today I was presented with a json data dump of some of the pages content when I clicked on the "Notifications" icon in the upper right. I will not post it here, but if any web dev folk want to see it, happy to share with you via a PM. To be clear, it was not anything you could not see if you were to "inspect" the page, but never the less, should not be happening.

I have been spending less time here, have been clicking through on less posts due to these obstacles, and like SeriousPoo, am not enjoying my experience here at the forum!

Good luck in resolving these issues!
I'm waiting to run into a Captcha where they ask me to "please click each image containing a ghost".