Do you use wall mount or guitar stand?

All these questions about how to care for the guitars represent individual choices, and of course, there's no right or wrong. Pick your poison!

But here's what I do:

If I'm not playing them, they stay in their cases. Electric guitars get a D'Addario humidipak in the case. Acoustics get the set of three. I find that setups stay good nearly forever, the guitars don't collect dust and electronics-screwing, gooey, cooking-oil evaporates and other gunk that most houses circulate in the air only to stick to the guitars, and...yeah, all the stuff Bob Taylor talks about when he says that as pretty as they are, the best way of caring for guitars is to keep them cased is true.

Then, too, I like to hang artwork meant for walls instead of hanging instruments. The drawback is there are cases that need to find unobtrusive spots to live, not always easy unless you have a lot of closet or storage space.

But the practical stuff matters more.
At home I’m only using one guitar at a time so I only have one floor stand out next to the amp. Normally the guitar I’m using is in my hands and if not it’s returned to its case, the floor stand is used if I need to take a break and not usually for storage. When I was playing in church all the time, I installed three String Swings on the two back walls of the stage to get rid of the floor stands and save some space. They were also to keep the guitars and bass from easily being nocked over. Between services my guitar always left the stage with me.
I loved looking at all of mine as well and used to have them all wall mounted, but living in the northwest, the temperature can vary quite a bit from one day to the next and I was tired of tuning and re-tuning after taking one down off the wall hanger.
Now, all of my higher end ones stay cased now unless I am playing them and that seems to keep them more stable as well as protected.
Having said that, I will keep a couple lower end ones on wall hangers or in floor stands for convenience as I don't mind re-tuning a few from time to time.
I have a couple 5 guitar racks, a special high stand for my Jackson Rhoads, and two single stands next to my desk. It's a mix of those and cases (I also have a rack for the cased guitars). Worked well until I got the last one, and now I have everything full and one roaming free.