Do you use wall mount or guitar stand?


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Oct 3, 2021

i have 4 guitars. I am thinking to buy a 5 guitar stands or just 5 wall mount? Using wall mount , I can see these beautiful guitars with different colours. But using stands it is easy and safe. Which one do you use? Thanks for sharing.
Both. 12 on wall mounts, a single String Swing oak stand on one side, and a three-guitar rack on the other. The guitars rotate through the stands as they’re used. I also have one of the String Swing oak stands in the living room, so one guitar is always within reach. My wife is good about this sort of thing.
I use wall mounts for my beauties :p

A single Hercules floor stand for whichever electric guitar I’m using, otherwise they live in their cases/bags.

Also a single Hercules acoustic stand, as my P20e is out basically all the time.

Hercules make good products that are, by all accounts, nitro safe. So far so good...