Do Paul and Doug have any AMP suprises for NAMM 2013

Year after year I will keep asking.......high gain.....low wattage........please

Aren't there already a ton of kids' practice amps on the market already that do that? You know, Orange Teensy-Weensie Terror, Mesa Mini Trifectarecta, Carvin V-Me-Too, Egnater Tweezer, Matchless Cub Scout, Vox Night Light...

(Heh. Just pullin' your chain, Wedge. ;) )
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100watt head and full stack with two 4x12's. just thinking

There ya go, man, high gain is big, stonkin' bad-ass. full stack or maybe two full stacks, full up, wide open kick some booty stuff!

It's those dudes with long beards in hot rods with flames painted along the sides, or guys with rings in their noses, who hang with bikers!

It's Hendrix with a Marshall stack cranked to the max PLUS a fuzz turned up as high as it will go!

It's a punk band on acid and beer feeling their oats and mangling something by AC/DC because they were NOT heavy enough!

That's what high gain is about!

Not some guy in a bedroom afraid to wake up the wife and kids, or piss off the sound man! 10 watts of high gain is Coor's Light instead of Guinness Black!

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Back to OP topic...any rumblings about the Grissom collaboration on a lower wattage mini-Super Dallas?
They need to make a versatile high-gain amp where high-gain isn't an afterthought/modification - but the main purpose.

Budda just released an Alex Skolnick signature head that (at least spec wise so far) is the freaking swiss army knife of metal/jazz/clean amps.

I want something like that from PRS - Sewell sparkly cleans with a mean, thick distortion.

I also still think they should make a rackmounted recording preamp and rackmounted a power amp.