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Jun 16, 2012
hi all, well yesterday i finally put a dimarzio evolution in m se custom 24, the evo has been my choice of pickup for years(still love them). but i know one thing i will be putting the origional hfs back in on monday as it sounds better in the custom 24 than the evo does? does anyone no the output rating on the bridge se hfs pickup? i think its a good pickup for shred type solos, and really good for false harmonics ect.
That's a good choice, I think the SE HFS is a great sounding pickup in mine as well. I think the only thing I would swap for is a USA HFS. If you want a tight, modern sound; it's a great pickup. Plenty hot too, at least for me! I think mine measured in the 14k range when I checked it, def hotter than the Air Norton in the bridge of my SECU22, so I think it would be right up there in the high output range of the Dimarzio's.
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I was considering changing my pickups in my SE Semi Hollow body, but I like the sound so much, I think I've talked myself out of that idea.
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update, i put the hfs back in my se cu24 tonight, its awsome its roaring again.i love my dimarzio evuolutions but in my cu24 the hfs came up trumps, number one. now i wonder where i could by a se hfs bridge humbucker on its own, anyone have any clues where?
They probably pop up on eBay pretty frequently... You could probably even score a used US HFS for a decent price!