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Jun 16, 2012
hi all, has anyone tried a dimarzio evolution in the bridge position on there prs? i have a prs se custom 24 and was thinking of dropping one into it?

I have tried one in the 2002 Platinum Tremonti SE that I thought sounded great. I traded it with the Evo bridge and USA Tremonti Bass pickup. I have to say I love a lot better PRS pickups better, even the SE VB, HFS, and SE245/Santana pickups. If you are looking for a good hot bridge pickup the Evo will do it, but try and see if you can get a used but in good condition USA PRS HFS, Tremonti Treble, SC250 Treble (same as the Tremonti but with a conducting 2 wire and not the 4 wire), and Dragon II treble. They all have a high output and sound amazing. The Tremonti/SC250 Treble has more of a in your face output that best suits rock music where as the HFS and Dragon II Treble has a more round voicing with a high output. I have and love the HFS in my 2011 PRS Singlecut SE and it rocks. the PRS #7 PU set I have in my Raven West LP Custom SC, PRS #6 set in my Tremonti SE, and the Vintage Bass and HFS Treble in my Singlecut SE are all used but work great. You just need to know what to look for if getting them from ebay in the description and know what kinda questions to ask. If the give very little info then that is a huge red flag and the condition, how much lead wire, and if there is anything wrong with the pickup including shorts in wiring, needing to be rewound or magnet problem should be asked in a private message. Also see if anyone here with a good reputation is seeing any of the pickups above and get them from off of here. I bought the #7s on ebay, the HFS, VB pickups with a control harness with 5 way rotary from someone on PRSforums.com, and got the #6s, and Dragon IIs (that aren't installed in anything right now but will be if I get another SE) in a trade on PRSforums from someone who lives in Norway, but was able to make a good trade as far as postage and stuff. I was even given a set of SE245/Santana SE pickups for the price of postage on PRSforums.com

All that is to say though I haven't tried the Evo bridge pickup in any SE CU24s it sounded great in my old Tremonti SE I had. If I had to do it again though I would have bought a nice used in good condition US PRS HFS since I like their pickups better. DiMarzio make awesome pickups and if you like them best then I go for it, their pickups sound really good in pretty much any guitar I have heard them in. They are my 2nd favorite guitar pickup brand, anfd for good reason. PRS is my favorite because to me they have the sound I have always wanted but didn't know existed prior to ever hearing of PRS.
thanks for that, i play with a heap of gain and i am just not quite getting the false harmonics out of the se hfs bridge humbucker, i thought that the evolution in there would bring them out? it has in my other axes, would you agree with me?
Does anyone have an opinion on the SE HFS/VB vs the USA pickups? I really like the output level of the stock pickups in my SE CU24, but they're just a tad thin on the bass sometimes, wondering if the USA models would thicken things up a bit.