Different pick-ups in a P22


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Jul 22, 2012
Hi guys!

New member here, so forgive me if I seem like an amateur ;)

I am thinking about buying a P22 with the 53/10 pups, but as I am playing hard rock (think a more modern sounding whitesnake) with some inspiration from progressive metal (like Dream Theater) I am worried that the output from the 10`s won`t be high enough.
Any thoughts?

I got a Custom 24 with HFS and a Tremonti, of course with the Tremonti pups and these sound really good for my playing style. Could I change the pups for maybe the HFS or Tremonti in the P22? If that would work with the piezo split system!

I play through an Engl Invader (with the gain knob quite low though) and through a suhr, custom audio 4x12" cab! Sounds awesome and has a lot of punch.
Sounds like a good band!!

Give them a try 1st and see how you go. If not the 59/09 is a great rock p-up from PRS. The Suhr Aldrich is also a killer one that would suit your band!!
Thanx Tim! We sound great except that we need a new vocalist hehe :) Looking all over the place for one these days!

Yeah, I am actually going to put the Aldrich pup in a Les Paul Standard that I got as well. For now I want PRS pups in my PRS guitars...! I have heard that the 59/09 and 53/10 might be too weak, because of less output, but then again, my amp should be able to push enough gain to make up for this! Maybe I just have to check out the stock pups first. If if doesn't work out like I want to, then I`ll get hold of HFS or Tremonti and put them in instead.
I was just worried that these pups would`t fit because of a different wiring due to the piezo switch and all :) Like I said, me being an amateur and all...don`t know enough about these kinda things!
I just finished a studio job where the customer wanted high gain, the P22 didn't have any problem doing what I needed. I believe the 59/09s are slightly hotter, so if it's almost there but not quite I'd second the recommendation to try those out.
Very interesting!
I wasn`t planning on buying another guitar now, but when I found this P22 in the purple haze finish....its such a gorgeous guitar and I have heard such great reviews of the piezo part as well! I guess its a "must have" guitar :)
Quite a few shredders sware by the Dragon II also!!
Quite a few shredders sware by the Dragon II also!!

Well, I haven`t decided on the guitar yet! I am sure the pick-ups are great. The question is rather if I should use that much money on a guitar right now! I WANT to of course ;) Should sell a couple of guitars first :(
I use a hfs in my McCarty std and a 5909 bridge in my stripped 58 and they worked equally well for high gain aggressive rock for me.
Thanx guys!

Nice video! It seems like it would cover my "metal" needs and I love the aggressive and punch from my HFS, so maybe these pups will work excellent for my sound as well! Maybe I should go ahead and buy :)
I might chime in here for a bit. I'm in the process of doing a play through of my P22.
After that I'll do a new vid where I'm going to try switching the neck hum with this special "dual single-bucker"
I had made by Finnish luthier Veijo Rautia(makes custom pups for brands like Magneto guitars amongst others).
Thereby turning the H-H P22 IRW into a H-S-S (with some GREAT twangy tones).
I'm planning to make a demo vid A/B/C the standard 53/10 with this special dual/single pup and put in a 1965 strat for the single coil comparison's sake.

Of course I'll post the vid-links in the forum once they're up. Hope to have the first part done this weekend.