DI XLR out ?


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Sep 30, 2022
Greetings friends, I'm stepping into the vast chasm of Open Mike land starting next week. Primarily I'll be lending my Mesa Rosette to the local Coffee house for the weekly events. The musicians (acoustic) have complained they can't hear themselves, so we will use it as a stage amp monitor . My question is the DI out is XLR which is great , just never used it , does an XLR mike cable work or is there a specific type best for this into the board. I already looked online at the vendor end and didn't see anything. Many thanks in advance

My first night I'm just doing Poetry I wrote between music, the mentor who runs it has bugged me for years to sit in ..I'm bringing my guitar and we'll see .
He's a local legend and taught at the local music school for decades , and we've jammed at my place several times.. He said " Don't worry JT, I'll make all the mistakes so they don't focus on you ... this guy is such a treasure to the local scene.
AFAIK any XLR cable will work. But there are cheaper ones and better quality ones just like instrument and speaker cables go
My Mesa mkv25 has an xlr DI out and works fine with just a mic cable into my little Behringer board. It’s not a Rosette, but maybe some random correlation there because “Mesa?”
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it's mesa should be fine , thanks a bunch all .. This will help out the local cats a lot , snagged a pair of Roland 2o ft's as it has discrete channel outs :)
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any XLR cable will work. But there are cheaper ones and better quality ones just like instrument and speaker cables go
FIxed. No disclaimer needed. LOL This is correct.
Just wasn't familiar with the Mesa Rosette. For all I knew they might insist on using acme brand cables or it voids the warranty, changes the doomsday clock and takes us to defcon 2
Yeah, I was just confirming that it’s ok
All good DTR. I wasnt completely sure as Mesa is picky with their tubes so I added the disclaimer. ;)
I get it. Better safe than sorry. But unlike say a tip/sleeve 1/4” jack cable, which could be a guitar cable, a speaker cable, or an interconnect cable, and all 3 are very different things and for the most part shouldn’t be substituted for each other (in some cases, absolutely not), the XLR cables used for various purposes in audio are mostly the same, quality not withstanding. A mic cable can be used to run from a mixer to a powered monitor/speaker, etc. The only caveat I know if, is that not all gear uses the same pin configuration. As long as pin configuration is the same, any XLR cable can be used for pretty much any task. (edit: and that doesn’t really have anything to do with the cable, it’s the associated gear. Some stuff does have a different pin configuration. You’d think that with 3 pins, there would be ONE standard and everything would be that way, but that is not 100% true)
This thread reminded me to wire my old Cab Clone into my floor box, so I can select it with my cabinet switcher.

Yes, I know, the Cab Clone is not the best thing out there, but with an IR it works fine, and since it has zero market value, I might as well get some use from it. ;)

So thank you.