DI for Custom 24 Piezo


New Member
Mar 15, 2023
Just got the Custom 24 Piezo. Will be running 2 outputs, with the Mag going to my pedal board, then amp, which is mic’d. I’d like to run the Piezo to a DI box then straight to the sound board. Anyone have a suggestion as to what DI is best/most compatible with Custom 24 Piezo?

Thank you all in advance for your recommendations.
You can work with about any decent di box. Whirlwind makes good passive boxes. Countryman or Warm audio are good for a bit more.
LR Baggs builds the piezo unit for PRS and they have some nice active di's that would work well for you and allow you some control over the sound before it gets to the engineer. Fishman also makes a good acoustic di. The higher price is usually for better quality transformers. In a regular live settings you have so much incidental and background noise it won't be as critical but if you want to record as well it can be worth the investment. Hope that helps.