DGT Standard


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Apr 4, 2013
Got a DGT Standard a couple of weeks ago, absolutely loving it. My 4th Maryland made PRS and even though I love them all I think this may be the best.

Nice one! It's a good addition to the collection you've got going on.

Very nice! I just got a DGT Standard. I am happy but jury still out on the pickups.
I am going to have to join this DGT movement sooner or later myself...love the green...congrats. Wish I could find one hanging somewhere to actually PLAY near me though...
Once you go dgt . You never go back lol

Great score .
When anyone asks me about buying a guitar...whether it's their first or tenth...I say DGT Standard.

Cool color. Congrats.
I haven't tried the standard , kinda scared to because it's all mahogany . It might follow me home lol.

I find my maple capped dgt has a dark,warm tome which I love. An all mahogany would be darker (my guess) , would make one heck of a drop c tone monster...
It's good to see there are still some of this limited run available. I ordered mine during the 6 week window last year, received it in May and have no regrets. It is actually my no. 1 guitar. It has been a new guitar GAS killer for me as well. And I have some really nice PRSs, love them all!
Congrats on a great guitar in a cool color! Play her in great health!