DGT Questions....



Going to drag my wife 3 hours from home tomorrow to try a DGT (and buy hopefully) but because it's a different type of PRS I'm a little concerned. I guess my biggest concern is how it feels. Is the neck just huge with the Jumbo frets or does it compare more to a wide/fat? Is it comfy or just LARGE? To me a wide/fat or a pattern regular feel really good. I have an older 513 with whatever shape that was and it is on the small side to me. Also I have read it comes with 11's?? I play 10's. Would this work with this guitar? I've read that some people don't like the way it sounds, but if it has a les paul to strat type tone I'll love it. Just worried about the neck..Any other thoughts I would appreciate. Thanks!!
The neck shape is pretty much a Pattern Regular, you'll be fine!

The big frets really work with 11s, there's just a touch more fight due to the string tension.

If it helps, I've just been playing my DGT Std vs my PS SC245 and there's a lot of similarity in tone. If you like the Les Paul sound, you'll like a DGT :) I hope the trip goes well!
Thanks.. Do you think it'll work with 10's? I have some arthritis in my hands and don't think i could wrestle 11's for a 4 hour show. Heck for even 1 song! lol
It'll be absolutely fine, though you'll probably need to remove a spring from the trem (reduce from 5 to 4).
I'm a wide/fat guy, but the DGT carve just fits my hand. Both my DGT's are strung with 10's.