DGT neck shape ?


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May 28, 2012
I'm the original owner of a '90 Custom 24 with the 'regular' neck shape. It's my favorite PRS neck shape. I have tried Wide Thin (WT) and Wide Fat (WF) in the stores. If forced to choose between WF/WT, I would likely gravitate toward the WT.

I have seen the DGT neck shape described as being similar to the regular or standard shape. I just picked up a DGT, and even though it sounds great, the neck is thicker than I expected (noticeably thicker than the old regular shape), and I'm not immediately bonding with the DGT neck. The plan is to use the DGT for gigs. Maybe it's simply a matter of adjusting to the new neck.

For those in the know, how do you describe the DGT neck in comparison with the well-known PRSi neck shapes?

The PRS technical page about neck profiles doesn't include the DGT shape.

I was vaguely aware that the DGT is based on the regular profile. However, my old CU24 'regular' is definitely not as thick (without fret heights in the equation). I understand that taller frets will add to the feel of more thickness. I've been using 6105s on my Strat for years, but that neck isn't as thick.

There wasn't a DGT available within 100 miles, and I had to have one shipped. The guitar is a beauty and sounds great, but the overall neck was thicker than I expected. Ultimately, the guitar has to feel comfortable in my hands. This will be gigging guitar. I'm fretting (pun intended) over returning it in favor of a similar PRS with a more familiar neck profile.

Thanks for the information.
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