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I once knew a guy named Richard Head. No, really. When I knew him, he managed to be a near perfect embodiment of the other version of his name. I always wondered what possessed his parents to give him that name, and if he would’ve turned out different if they hadn’t. Nature or nurture, or lack there of?
I still know a guy named Richard Hunter
I'm not sure if that is a joke but how can a broken hymen become a dead man?

Sounds like we are reaching a bit too hard here... too hard, indeed
Okay you poor bastards. Since you all can't be me and afford a good tube amp, I'm gifting you all the new MKiii

Do you know Helen Hunt’s brother Mike?

I do love the classics.:)

I worked in tech support for a company once upon a time that had an executive named Michael Hunt. I called him Mike when I called him for a support request, not thinking about the joke name at all, and he hung up on me and emailed my manager to throw me under the bus. lol Good times!
"Ban him!!" The ants said as they mocked the mods :)

The gods favored him as he stood by and watched the loonicy. Such beauty, yes. Master is pleased
I'm sorry, I very much dislike your avatar tagline. Apology if this is a thread derail.

If you would change it, this may be for the best.
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