Design On A Dimebag Update…Not this year…Tragedy has struck...


Zombie Thirteen, DFZ
May 30, 2013
Rocky Hill, CT
Well, started to prime the guitar…daughter finishing up AP exams and was finally going to have time for the paint. Had it hanging on a hook in the kitchen after the first coat..


…catastrophic injury...

There was some sort of plug in the endpin hole…the eye hook pulled out completely with the plug still in the threads. Hit the tile floor right on the tip of the headstock...

I didn't know PRS made a spot on SG copy.

Really, sorry to to see that happen, is the guitar an SE or Core?
It was an SE. Previous thread involving this guitar is titled SE neck repair…it's had its issues from the start but I thought the bugger was starting to behave…:biggrin:
That'll buff right out ;-)

But seriously, that blows :-( I'm kinda surprised no ones asked... what's up with the "plug" that caused the failure in the first place, sure seems strange to me.
It sure does seem weird…The guy I bought if off ebay from lived in Louisiana…I wonder if the guitar was ever submerged in a flood or something…the hole in the body is nice and clean…doesn't appear to have any threads in it, so IDK if this was a factory plug or a previous owner plug. Either way it doesn't matter…I received the insurance claim from the post office after the shipping damage so I'm out minimal cash. The big loss is the father/daughter project this guitar was about to become…if she's up for it I'll still have her paint the body "for display purposes only" LOL
Never give up! It's the Dimebag way.
+1. Those look like clean breaks, nothing a little wood glue couldn't correct. And think about it this way... it could have happened right before you buffed out the final coat.

It looks like someone drilled out the end pin and installed a plug. The threads probably got stripped or something and whoever didn't realize he or she could have just broken off a toothpick in there with a little wood glue. Either that, or someone installed flush mount strap locks, then removed them and put in the plug with no glue.