Deleted since I apparently broke the rules

Here is my son with a friend he’s hung out with at social events. She is giving him a tattoo after one of them. That’s a nice gesture. I don’t know her name, but she seems attractive.

If Julie Bowen’s your gal, where’s the damn tattoo she gave you?


Pics, or it didn't happen.

Margot Robbie...

That was such an odd way to end that movie.
It just hit me... that wasn't the end of the moving... but, I think I understand what you're saying... That might have been the last thing some people saw when watching it... ;)
I actually forgot her name!

I do realize she's very attractive - if you're into that surface kinda stuff. Which of course I'm not, because I'm so freakin' deep, man.
I don't know... it's pretty easy to find pics of her where she has to be one of the hottest woman on the planet. I'm not sure I ever want to be so "deep" that I'm not impressed by that. Dang, I feel shallow now. :)
I can’t go deep anymore, my gut gets in the way. :(
"Maybe I should make the joke that it's great if older guys can look down and even see it."

"You could make a joke about the National Endowment for the Poorly Endowed."

"Or one of the 'size matters' jokes? There are a zillion of 'em."

"Then there's that Seinfeld episode where George goes swimming, and the whole thing about cold water shrinkage. You could post a YouTube link to it before Alan does, and seem all original and everything."

"What about the term "Schwing" from a movie like Wayne's World, that I couldn't even sit through all the way because it was so formulaic, even though the main characters were amusing?"

"I think you should let someone else be the comedian, actually."