Deep gouge in mahogany neck, should I repair it, can I repair it?


Mar 21, 2018
I have a hit on my cu24. Back of the neck 12th fret area. Was putting my guitar away after a show and noticed it. My guess, one of the guys was wrapping mic cable and XLR end hit it.

It drives me crazy and ticks me off.

that sucks but one way to look at it is that it is legitimate road damage. I'd be more okay with that than if I knocked it over myself or some idiot just damaged it, it's battle damage in the line of duty


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May 31, 2018
I was putting this in the guitar stand, missed just slightly, It bounced a glancing blow off of the body edge of my PRS 594 .
I can't find a hint of damage on the PRS body.
But the LP neck took the brunt of the injury. PRS wins the battle.
I really don't notice it when I'm playing, it has not affected the tone or playability, but occasionally when I look at it. I'm wondering if I should take a razor blade and cutaway the edges of the urethane and maybe sand it.
I found somebody saying that you should put some water on it to swell the wood grain back up.
I was also considering should should I take it to a luthier. that probably seems like a good idea.
I used to install oak cabinets so wood putty in the finishing nail holes, before the urethane seems to work.

what does everybody else do when they damage their neck? and finish? I feel like it'll look like this with no real changes for 10 years probably.
so does it need stabilizing or repair? or can I leave it be?

Definitely a good luthier.