David Grissom Trio Live 2020


Respect The Clave
Jun 1, 2014
Austin, Texas
From David Grissom:

Greetings everyone,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy. These are crazy times. I've been seriously missing playing live and seeing everyone. Music is truly soul food for most of us. So..........What better time to release a Live record than right now! Trio Live 2020 was recorded over 3 nights at my Saxon Pub Tuesday night residency and is a full blown electric guitar record. The primarily instrumental tunes showcase the rapport we’ve built up over the last several years and captures the band in top form. You can pre order at https://davidgrissom.bandcamp.com starting today and download a track. The record officially releases May 1st and you will get an email to download the rest of the CD. Thanks for all your support!

Downloaded it before I went to bed last night and ordered my CD this morning.
Got it last week...The Disc is great...Squawk is a killer tune...(one of my old favorites) and highlights his Crazy fat tone!!! IMHO, of course!!!
If you're a fan, Pick it up!!!!
There’s an article in the new issue of Guitar Player as well.