David Grissom On Setting Up An Amp

And after seeing the edition of That Pedal Show where they tamed a Fender Hotrod Deluxe, I will be pulling that amp out of the "going to sell" stack and doing some testing with it. I have the exact compressor now that they put in the loop and I have a couple of EQ pedals I can use if I feel the need. I really want to try what they did. I think that may make that amp deliver a couple of different tones and a feel that I hadn't got out of it previously. I have a volume box that I had tried in it but I didn't like the result at that time. It gave me a great tone but it was too compressed. I couldn't get the touch sensitivity from it that I wanted. The thing they did with the compressor impressed both of them and they commented on how it really made it feel good. I have to try that now that I have the same equipment they used. That could make that amp stay here.
@JasonE …..Just curious. What compressor were they and you using?
I saw this when it was released. It was good to see it again. I have been telling my wife that for some reason my ear has really become much better with hearing details since not playing in a band. I have been reconnecting with guitars I have not played in a good while and have really been connecting with some different OD pedals. I am tweaking dials more on the guitar and pedals and have really been having fun with that. I think my tone has improved for it. I used to get compliments constantly on my tones in the bands I have been in. I let other guitar players come up and play my rig and they always tell me it sounds fantastic and is so touch sensitive that they love it and would love to get their rig to run like that. I feel like I have improved a few aspects of that this year. This video fit right in with the things I have been doing.

I have been playing with two of my amps that are very different and am getting tones from both of them that I have really been enjoying. The tones are definitely different from one amp to the next but I now feel I have an amp choice depending on the music I am playing that sets me up for tones that will fit well. I am doing all of this with the same pedals. I use far fewer of the pedals with one amp and more with the other but they are working for both very well. I have even been using new cables and not using my wireless and I would say that for the first time in my playing I can hear the difference between the cable and wireless and I only buy good wireless units. I can adjust to the wireless and still get the tones I have been getting but it is a strong possibility that I will try both approaches live at some point and could possibly go back to running a cable. I put a tuner pedal on the board so if I want to not use the wireless I pull one power cable and one 1/4" and move them to the tuner and plug my cable into that and I am up and running. It is super easy to switch back and forth. I can do it in about a minute.
You should put them together in a wet/dry configuration!