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Darker maple binding on new McCarty?

Looks like they stained the maple side as the middle of the top, instead of the usual natural. Looks cool!
Probably so it fits in better with the Smokeburst finish. Looks hot!
Cool. They have been doing a lot of non standard finishes this last year or so. Sweetwater always has something interesting. I agree it looks like they stained the edge, but masked it for the burst.
oooh, me likey! A neat twist on the faux binding that looks awesome!
To me, the real beauty of PRS guitars is that no 2 of them are exactly the same. Yours is a real stunner~
Sometimes the folks in the finishing department have some latitude to do something a little different, so that might be what it is. The guitar looks great!
I agree with the comments above. There is beauty in subtlety and what I see here is a prime example. Looks fantastic. Congratulations. And do give us a closer look when it arrives.
Pretty much all of their smoke bursts have been doing this of late. I have seen some at Brian's with the same feature as well as BadAxe Boutique. Not all of them mind you but it is common of late.
If I recall correctly (have to find my order form), that's the Wrap-around Burst option. I have it on my SCs.