Dang Velas...

Snagged a reclaimed after unloading a regular 2017 version. Holy hell does it blow out the regular finishes. The gorgeous wood with the satin finish is addictive. Feeling the grain on the neck instantly felt magical and buttery smooth. My eyes widen as i held it and played. Yeah, this one won’t get away.
Oh did you just grab this off Reverb? There was one there a few days ago and I was going to grab it as soon as I got home at the end of the day, but it was gone.
Pics in my NGD, but I’ll cross over here

This is insanity. One of the most gorgeous things I’VE EVER SEEN. And $13,000 above my budget :(
I saw that one last night and did not post here in the hopes that $13k would magically appear in my bank account and I could get it before anyone else found out about it! You are right to share it though, an incredible piece of Vela!!
I appreciate your assistance! That one is indeed freaking gorgeous, but if I was going PS Vela it'd be a nicely figured Koa semi-hollow...not that I've thought this through...
Hope you and the Misses are recovering well from your canine loss! When you get a new pup(s), maybe you should name it Vela!! And if you get a second one you could name it Dang!!!