Dallas variants break-down


Zombie Two, DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Indy, IN
Can you guys help me identify the differences between the variations of the Dallas amp in the wild today? My objective is to determine if I focus on buying only one specific model (which could take a while finding used) or buy what's available and send it back to Doug & company for modification.

As I understand, these variations exist:
+ Dallas
+ Dallas II
+ Bugs Henderson edition Dallas
+ Super Dallas

What's the evolution of this line and what changes define each version? Has Cinemag produced all of the transformers from day-one and they changed the specs/taps for the Super, or have there been other brands and xformers? Is the Super the only one with the reverb circuit gain stage? Tone stack changes? Can I have fries with that??!!

Before I buy new and/or CAD, I'd like to own something close to what I pursue. The Super Dallas seems to be that amp. But can an original Dallas really be made into a Super Dallas? I venture a guess, no.

Doesn't Ang have a Super Dallas and a Dallas? Maybe he can chime in.

You left one variation out - the CR Dallas :) I would just buy a Dallas and send it to Doug and say, make mine like Chris'.
You left one variation out - the CR Dallas :)

I think we all agree that Chris aptly penned the name 'Super Duper Dallas'. :rock:

Ang has a Super Dallas? That I didn't know. Maybe I need to call our 'ol buddy up for a consult. ;)
Just find the cheapest/used/NOS Dallas you can buy & have Doug whip up some mojo on it! I would kindly recommend the aforementioned "Super Duper" mod!