Custom 24 scoop not deep enough

We had a music shop like that. One day the instruments were just gone and all that was left was the white goods and TV’s downstairs.

I guess they just weren’t doing the trade to keep the stock. This was long before online sales were closing the high street stores.
I have found a solution.It’s about hand position.The best explanation I can give is that normally most people play with palm kinda parallel to the side of the neck.When you get up there around 18th-22nd fret you have to change hand position so palm will be facing bridge kinda and your pinky will be more towards the lower horn.After reading your post and giving my answer about only using index and middle finger I had to visit a music store and try a professional 2 and an ultra strat that Fender says solve this problem.Didn’t solve anything for me,felt the same.So for the past few weeks I have practiced changing my hand position when playing high up on the neck and now use index,middle and ring finger without any problem on my ”normal strat” and DGT.
You take one of these:


And pretty soon your scoop problem has been... Zapp(a)ed.


F@ck that is ugly.

Thought it was a photoshop miscreant, turned out no to be one..
I find that the scoop on the lower horn isn't very useful for me. When I play frets 23 and 24 my hand still hits the body. I think it would be perfect if the scoop went all the way through the body, but as it is I don't find it as helpful as I expected.

Anyone else have this problem?
Anyone can play there, regardless of skill level, even if you don't have occasion to play there.

There's a riff in the second chorus of Hotel California that has a bend on fret 24. It's a pretty cool little riff. It's a good starting point if you just want to try using that fret sometime.

I don't know if anyone in Eagles actually had a 24 fret guitar. I think they used a pinch harmonic to hit that note? No idea. I don't know much about Eagles.
I even doubt that there were 24 frets guitars at that time :)
Sounds like you need a Dana Scoop...

Don't give it to Herman Li!
no one uses anything but the bridge on ten, i don’t know why they even make volume knobs or pickups that aren’t dimarzio super distortion.
I mean, for some songs, sure. But I'd rip my ears out if someone started playing Shine on You Crazy Diamond or The Wind Cries Mary with a bridge humbucker.

Bridge pickups played clean are a huge no-no for me. It's about as musical as a kazoo.