Custom 24 1998/99 specs


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May 14, 2024
Hi Folks.
Im a new member so thanks for accepting me into the forum.
I own 2 Custom 24s circa 1998/99.
They both have different pickups so Im a loss as to which ones they have fitted. They look different (one is a Zebra) and they sound completely different.
The serial numbers are 41732 and 41769 so they appear to have been built within a short time of each other.
Is there any way I can check the specs to see whether one (or Both) of them is a special edition or some thing like that or if one has had the pickups changed. The owner of the second guitar told me it was a limited run but I have no idea whether this is true or where to check to find out.
Thanks again for accepting me, and I hope someone has any suggestions as to where to find any of this information.
I found a link on the Facebook page to check for specs but I was directed to what looked like an anime site.
Pics would help if you can share some.

Those would likely be early '99's so I'm guessing they were made before PRS started the MODCAT bar code system. Regardless, there will be info in the pickup routs, mostly the bridge one.

The one with zebras sounds interesting. I just found the one below in an old Reverb listing. Ad says they are Artist pickups, which are basically McCarty pickups without covers (vintage-ish tone). Your other Custom most likely has the HFS/VB pickups (modern, hot tone), so it makes sense that the two guitars sound different.