Custom 22's???

I have a 2006 CU22 ... it sounds great direct to the amp ... I only have a Fender DRRI and Super Champ XD ... my pedal board is very minimal and I am predominantly a clean tone player ... just as the first responder, I have found I enjoy playing more with less "clutter" b/t guitar and amp ... less to fiddle with and more concentration on enjoying the tones from the guitar ... PRS pickups have the quality to produce pleasing tone w/o much "interferance" or enhancement ... these days, I find myself using just a little delay and/or reverb and that's about it ... I don't think the DRRI is the best choice of amps for PRS guitars, but it works for me ... the Super Champ has a little less "bite" and brightness but also less "umph" and volume ... but at low volumes, it is very satisfying to me ...
Awesome... I have an HXDA in layaway. Can't wait to get it...

I use a Custom 22 and a Stripped 58 through my Mesa Boogie Roadster head and 1/2 back 4x12 Mesa cab. I use an RJM RG-16 switching unit to control the Roadster and a T.C. Electronics G-Major from a RJM Mastermind. It's great for switching up channels and sounds. My life has still become a tap dance as I change sounds so many times in each song.

But that will be coming to an end shortly... I am leaving the modern rock band I am in and taking a break to get back to where I started... That's why I'm picking up the HXDA with the $ from the Boogie setup. Back to basics, an amp, a guitar, a volume knob and a cable. One of the points in the HXDA demo video is that it really shows the true voice of your guitar. My Custom 22 really sings through this amp... all pickup configs are beautiful though it.

I keep a watch out for used 22's... I really want a few more. I need to try out the new P22's as well. I've played 22 frets all my life, except for the '93 Jackson Soloist Pro I have that doesn't get much love anymore...
Hi, new to the forum. I've a Custom 22 10 Top Birds 1990s. Mesa Rectifier and Fender Blues Deluxe. Digital delay & Cry Baby, keep it simple. I play classic rock. Love my CU 22 easy to play, and by far the best built guitar I've ever played.

Welcome Rectifier_22, I'm new too, just joined this week. I feel the same about my 22, I always come back to it... it just has that feel that's hard to get away from.
I have a 1996 Custom 22 that I am currently playing through a PRS 2 Channel H head with a Deep Back Stealth cabinet using the Clean channel as my primary dirt sound and my volume knob to clean it up...

I have heard 1996 is a particularly fine vintage for the Custom 22 and my guitar gives me no reason to doubt the statement...

Dragon I pickups, converted to McSwitching and it has a stop-tail. Looks great, plays great and sounds great! Just an all around superb specimen...
Here's mine.

The CU22 is an axe that I wish was still in production... Love the sound of the neck PU. Got my eyes set on a stripped 58 for now, or a Mc58 if I win the lottery!
Couple of CU22s...




Currently splitting time between these...

Here is a shot of my CU22 from our outside gig last weekend... It's an HDR shot so it's a little more freaky than normal.


Here is the Stripped 58 in Angry Larry

Check out Jimmy Johnson w/PRS on playing through amp's. Back in the day he played ES-335s. He played a 22 on the below CD. he plays a 24 on the road. Straight into a Fender Vibrolux at times. You can see both

Straight up Chicago Blues thing though. I use to catch these guys in Chicago when I was in college and would travel through O'Hara on my way to Kansas State. Jimmy was in a bad accident on the road and lost most of his band, he started playing again after years on the above CD. Highly regarded Blues guitarist and by large unknown.

Course I was playing straight Rock back then, I was blown away with their ability to create and improv though.
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