CU24 (1996) 5way toggle sound problem (cracks)


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Jan 4, 2020
Hello all,

i am new to this forum, so cheers to everyone! i´ve recently become the proud owner of 6 28305 crescent, and while it took a while to get used to the comparably low output (and still need to adjust my right hand play), i like the versatility of the tone a lot, it is the finest guitar i have: hooray!

it will go to the technician once for check-up though, string action, octaves etc. but there is one more issue which i am not sure if they have an answer ready, so this goes here first:

i have observed that the guitar has a cracking sound whenever i switch the 5way rotator. this does not sound like dirt in the switch, because it depends on the strength of the signal going through. it rather sounds like an electric discharge - very spiky. strum all 5 strings and switch, the electric crack is very loud and sits on top of any clean sound, not possible to switch while recording and strings ring (gets drowned on distortion). it does not depend on the position of the switch and where it goes, though it fells that it is generally a bit louder when going from bridge to neck. (also noted there are two dead ends while switching between 2-3 and 3-4 very slowly as well). there is no cracking sound when switching with the guitar muted, and comparably low cracking sounds on single notes, but still preceivable and would certainly kill a recording.

so my question is this: does this have to do with the wiring which seems to have been changed post-2007? i do not understand much of the electrics, but i can see that the ground etc. were wired differently on the old ones. and is this a commong problem?

many thanks for your thoughts and opinions,
My 2010 24 with the 5 way blade and same switching options as the rotary does the same thing.
hi jake, i suppose, then, this is due to the wiring? did your 2010 one do these things before as well?

the ones i played in store.. i cannot remember any of this...
Yeah it's something to do with the grounding situation I believe. I'm not an electronics expert though. And if my memory is correct, a buddy of mine has a 2006 custom 24 with the rotary and it does the same thing when it clicks into position.
ok cool, many thanks!

as a follow up on this: do you know if going to the new wiring of the 5 blade will remove this? what are the cons soundwise or is it a matter of taste?

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