CU22 pickup suggestions


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Aug 13, 2012
Some time in the first half of this year I will be sending my PRS Custom 22 20th anniversay into PRS to have a chip fixed on the top. The Dragon 2 pickups are wearing thin to me and I may have them install 57/08, 59/09 or 53/10 pickups.

Has anyone installed any of these pickups and can tell me their experience with the upgrade?

Also, do all of these pickups work with the 5 way pickup dial?

Thanks in advance!
I plan on sending my CU22 to the PTC soon as well, and I believe 57/08's would be the best option. Of course, you should check with the PTC first.
Yeah I figured 57/08s would be best just from the reviews. I pick up my Stripped 58 tonight with 57/08s in it tonight so I will finally get to hear those. If I like what I hear may go for them. But then I see the 59/09 thread going on here and I wounder about them!