CU 24 Bridge Height?


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Apr 20, 2013
Hey all,

Absolutely loving my new CU24 it really is a lovely thing :)

Quick question though, as I dont have a machinist gauge I can't check the correct bridge height. Website 1/16" of an inch off the top of the body. Is that from the guitar top to the bottom of the bridge? Does this picture look like it is set to the right height? Anyone have any pics of theirs at all?

Stupidly when i first got the guitar I adjusted the screws (very slightly) before reading they shouldnt be touched! Lesson learned and I think I reversed my minor change. No issues with the action or buzzing etc.. and it plays perfectly so I am assuming all is well.

How does it look?

Pic of the guitar for good measure :

Sorry but can't seem to rotate the pic! Did it in photobucket but doesn't tranlate to the website. Photobucket sucks....
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hey there, nice guitar! I have a '94 custom and absolutly love it. as for your question on the trem setup, I'm pretty sure what the PRS website is saying is that when adjusted correctly the rear side of the trem should be raised off the top of guitar body by 1/16", as opposed to it being flat (or locked down) against the body like a non-floating trem would be. going by your picture here it does look correct, or at least close. Its still possible it may be a little off but not by very much.
Does it really matter if it is to prs specs? I'm not sure but can't you adjust it to a specific liking. Like say you want to be able to raise the pitch a full step(which I don't think you can do with only a 1/16" clearance). I may be way off base here. correct me if i'm wrong. I've seen some pictures of PRS's with the trem leaning forward.
The issues around adjusting the screws are if it's done under spring/string tension, the knife edges on the trem may be damaged. Also it can be tough to get all the screws the exact same height, verniers would be handy here.

The trem should sit parallel to the body, and 1/16" all around. This is the recommendation from PRS and I tend to trust them. Obviously if you have a preference for something different e.g. sitting flat against the body, this can be done, but as long as the corresponding adjustments to saddle height (action) and intonation are made.
Thanks for the replies folks. Gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that I haven't screwed anything up! Need to get myself an action gauge one day as they must come in handy for set-ups.