Creamback Speakers in my Deep Stealth 2x12 Cab


Bless the Blues
Apr 26, 2012
I have been wanting to try some of these speakers, heard that David Grissom is testing some now....
Sorry I have several questions....

Anyone have any opinions or experience?

How difficult is it to remove existing speakers and add these into the Deep Stealth?

What kind of differences would you expect to hear?
They would probably sound great in a stealth cabinet. Easy to replace, just like any other speaker...

The first information I received is that they are a higher powered (65W) version of the Greenback. Although, I was talking to a reputable cab builder in SoCal last week, he said they are like a ceramic version of the Celestion Gold. I don't know if that helps.

I love a broken in greenback and I love the gold. I am looking for an alternative the the mid-spikey V30. The creamback sounds like the ticket. Good luck, let me know how they sound!
Hmmm...are these like the old G12-65s that a lot of the Two-Rock guys always loved? Same basic speaker?

They also make a Heritage G12-65 that is built in their plant in England.

I remember that Robben Ford was running 65s in his cabs with his Dumble...So I wonder what the differences are (if any)?
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I heard a pair in the Std Stealth cabs earlier this month.. They sounded very cool.. Then I heard the Deep cab with Greenbacks and I loved that too.. So later today, I am swapping out Greenbacks for the V30s in the Deep Cab with my 2 Channel C..