Crackwood De-Flowering

Couldn't agree more about the rosewood necks. I was lucky (kinda spoiled) enough to aquire a Custom 22 with an Indian Rosewood neck as my first American Model PRS. I had played many models in different stores and kind of waited for "the one" before I invested. When I found mine, there was no question. The feel of it alone was mind blowing, but the tone of it was night and day compared to the other models I had tried. Of course, since then I have aquired a 2012 Custom 24 (mahogany neck) as well and each guitar has it's own voice, both acoustically and electrically. The resonance of the Custom 22 is, as of right now, far better acoustically than the Custom 24, but the Custom 22 is a 2008 and has had many years of good, hard-rocking, hard playing history (which I feel is one of the best ways to enhance the natural tone and voice of a guitar). The Custom 24 is a 2012, so she's still kinda cherry. Anyway, love the guitar and congratulations, it's beautiful!!!
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So you finally got one eh? Congrats!:laugh:
I am loving my 408's too.