Could the new P22 Trem be the most versatile PRS to date?


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May 24, 2012
I was waiting to see PRS with a piezo Trem for a very long time, now we have it and it is mixed with a killer electric tone palette of sounds that i may dare to say this is IT! the most versatile PRS electric guitar they have come out with!

Maybe next year we will see a P24 and more pickups options....

What do you guys think?
I think the 408 with piezo trem would be the ultimate axe for versatility... but the P22 trem is no slouch!
Yes, the 408 with Piezo Trem would be amazing! But would PRS ever consider that? i would kill the P series.... and make a better one! P408-Trem
P-408 trem...? Can you imagine the switches! 5 gears and a crash helmet! Love my P-22....Cant imagine what it doesnt have, tone wise, with the 5 way blade switch. The trem is either or for me, but of course I never use a trem....

I mean, what more could you want that "Gracie" doesnt have?