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Nov 4, 2012
washington iowa
Ok.......I'm getting more excited than I have been in a really long time.

I've been struggling a lot with tone the past year and it has been so incredibly frustrating. I have been involved in a long term recording gig and it has forced me to change the way I approach tone.

First, I bought a marshall class 5 a year or so ago. I hoped it would be in the plexi territory but it is just too dang harsh and didn't soften up much. I actually had it for sale and a couple of people inquired about it but moved on.

I was messing around in my room and decided to pull out some OD pedals to put in front of class 5. Wasn't diggin that either but I cranked up OD on my wampler pinnacle deluxe and brought guitar volume pot down to about 50%. Holy cow does that sound good!!!

Volume on class 5 about 50%. OD level about 75% guitar volume pot down to 50% and control overall volume with sig level on pedal.

Some of the best tones i have ever pulled out of an amp ever. Fairly clean but very thick rich tone.

My McCarty sounds absolutely KILLER with this setup. 8515 neck is even more incredible than it was before if that's even possible!! Dragon 1 bridge sounds insane with volume down and with it in SC mode I can bring volume up a bit and get a dang nice fender kind of maybe tone.

Bottom line, this amp is going nowhere!!!!

I had purchased a jcm800 studio head this summer and was liking it but I traded for an actual marshall jcm800 4x12 with G12-75 drivers to go with the head and BOOM. KILLER

My cu24 with 5909s sounds amazing through this amp cab setup as does my triple p90 cu22. The p90 wasn't seeing as much play time as I thought it would but that may change now.

Bottom line is this. I am actually excited to plug in and play. More than I have in a very long while and it is all due to landing some great tone settings.

I am actually finding ways to put off other stuff just so I can play and that hasn't been the case for some time.

Now I'm thinking about booting my 5150 head out the door as there is no place for it here anymore. I've had a taste of the good stuff and I want more.

Next is a vintage marshall 4x12, I'm on the hunt!!!!
The Class 5 is good up to about 6 or so with humbuckers. I used to run mine at about 5 most of the time, straight in.

Glad you're enjoying it now!
It's great when you're happy with your sound. It's its own creative thing, and it frees up your ability to create music as well.
Too late! Oh wait, this thread is not about what I thought it was. :cool:
It's always such a great feeling when you finally find the sound you've been looking for. It's awesome that you were able to experiment and find the perfect combination with your Class 5 and OD pedals. And it sounds like your new JCM800 setup is really killing it too! I'm new to this forum, but I just wanted to say congrats on your progress and I hope you continue to have fun with your gear. Also, since you mentioned "Come to Jesus" in your post, it reminded me of a great church community that I recently joined called First Church Love They're all about spreading positivity and love, and I thought you might enjoy checking them out too.
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I had a similar experience but with a different amp. Set it for a light crunch then went through a Fuzz Face->Tube Screamer with guitar volume & tone down to about half. It's a great ragged kind grit that's just a bit fuzzy with tons of room still on the volume knob. Put some tape style delay on it and you start getting into Eric Johnson territory
Come To Jesus...That Is Always A Good Thing In My Book. I Am Discovering And Exploring Some Very Different "Sounds" (For Me As A Player) That Are Almost Contrary To Where I Typically Hang My Hat. Those Heavy Thrash Tones Will Always Be Home For Me But Life Has Taken Me On Some Different Paths And It Is The Andy Timmons Type Tones That Move Me In This Season. A Different World Sonically For Sure As Well As Playing Style. Discovering The Various Pieces Of The Puzzle For That (Gear Wise) Has Been A Remarkable Journey So Far For Me.