Come listen to my PRS CE 24 from 1992.


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Sep 7, 2012
Westchester, NY
Hey everyone,

I own a PRS CE 24 from 1992 and play in the progressive rock group called VALENCE. I did all of the tracking of my parts on my PRS. It has to be one of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played. I must have played over 100 PRS's and Les Pauls before I purchased this particular one! It was the right fit and I was really lucky to find it. It's a blonde maple striped 10 top with a mahogany body. Not too sure of its pickups, but it sounds amazing. Check out how it sounds on the VALENCE album, Sleepwalker,
There are pictures of the guitar in our photo gallery:

Welcome! :beer:
Very nice website and art, but here is a little issue with your link. I think you meant

If it is the nice yellow one from the pictures, which by the way has a beautiful top and color contrast, looks like you have a Custom 24. A CE24 has a bolt on maple neck and usually no birds. Your pickups should be HFS Treble and Vintage Bass.

My favorite PRS color, would be hard for me to resist buying one like it if I see it somewhere!
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Wow, I'm sorry I missed this before. I really like the music!!! Actually some of it reminds me of my old band Minibosses.

You guys are all really good. Your drummer is is especially sick.
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Sounds great, reminds me of a band called American Heritage, and you do indeed own a CU24.