Collection VI Mini 408 bridge vs Full size 408 .................... my findings


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Apr 26, 2012
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OK, I sat down this morning to do a comparison on the difference in these 2 as Bridge P-ups. I am no tone expert my any stretch of the imagination, so the following is just what I haer personally. To make this comparison as fair as possible I used the 24 fret brazzy Collection against a 24 fret IRW CU24 with 2 pc Bridge. The CU24 does have an Ebony Board, but it was as close as I can get to be equal. I ran both Guitars through my Bogner Shiva, which is the Amp I am most familiar. What I found seemed rather strange to me, but maybe one of you guys have an explanation.

Humbucker mode: The mini 408 is not quite as bitey as the full size. Not sure this would be good for everyone, but it is for me. While both break up nicely with the volume dimed, the mini also does not break-up quite as much. There was not a huge difference, but I can hear it. I did not have to roll off the mini nearly as much to get it to clean up & the mini seems to be a bit more (ricky) jangly than the full size. I really like the mini at full Humbucking for my personal taste.

Single-coil mode: Oddly enough, I found the exact opposite to be true in the Single-coil mode:dontknow: The mini was noticeably more bitey than the full size. I had to roll back the volume farther on the mini to get it to clean up. I actually like the full size better in the single-coil mode. This all seemed rather strange to me. I switched back & forth continuously as it didn't make sense........... still doesn't!

I did not detect any significant drop off in volume between the 2 P-ups. I did not look up the output differences.........

The subjects:

Very interesting, Markie. Perhaps you're going to need a stoptail version of the mini 408's to really test this. :p
The difference in the 'bucker modes is probably due to a larger signal from the regular 408 - the pickup has a wider field where it's sensing the string so it will likely have a bigger signal, pushing the amp into distortion more.

For the splits, I'm guessing the difference is due to extra coils from the screw side being thinner in width than the regular 408. This coil wind shape will probable make the tone more like a true single coil and sharper in the treble frequencies, giving it more bite like a Tele.

For my tastes, it sounds like the normal 408s are better suited to me. Great report though, thanks!
Cool report!, those guitars -- wow!

My Sig Ltd. will be here in a few'll be interesting to play 408s in my studio and really begin to understand what they're all about.
Cool, thanks for the info. That's a drool worthy set-up right there.:top:
Hmmm, this forum should surely have a drooling smiley, no?