Collection Clinic, Wheaton, MD - with Paul and Tony McManus


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Apr 22, 2012
Annapolis, MD
PRS Collection Clinic at Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD - July 21st!

Join Paul Reed Smith and Tony McManus at Washington Music Center in Wheaton, Maryland on July 21st at 1-4PM for a demonstration of the Collection Series Electric and Acoustic Guitars. For more information, please contact Washington Music Center at:
11151 Veirs Mill Road,
Wheaton, MD 20902

We hope you can make it to this event.

All our best
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About The PRS Collection Series

When Paul Reed Smith assumed leadership of the PRS Private Stock program in 2009, he remarked, "I’m looking forward to building guitars again." The Collection Series from Private Stock provides him the opportunity to do just that. Much like the sought-after "Paul’s 28" guitars, these instruments will be built in small batches (about a dozen at a time) and will incorporate a balance of PRS traditions and exclusive "prototype stage" specifications. A very limited number - approximately 70 acoustics and 70 electrics - will be made in total each year and will be sold to our dealer network in pairs comprised of one acoustic and one electric guitar.

Collection instruments are built using the finest materials from Private Stock’s most select stash of exotic tone woods. Many of these woods, including prized Pernambuco used to make necks and fingerboards, will no longer be available for standard Private Stock orders. Proprietary specs, including Celtic knot inlays, will not be offered on forthcoming Private Stock guitars as well. Paul will personally oversee the design and construction of each Collection guitar.

Collection Series instruments cannot be ordered, but will be available from exclusive Private Stock dealers. Click here for more on Collection Series Intstruments:
Hmmm... 2 hrs after my plane lands incoming from Amsterdam...

Might be difficult...
apologies, this even is actually from 1-4PM, not 7PM as previously indicated. Sorry for any inconvenience!