Collection Chronicles: My 'DGT of DOOM'


A Les Paul guy who loves PRSs
Apr 13, 2017
Some of you are aware that I have a DGT lurking about in the collection.
Fewer of you are aware that I have modified it to an inch of its life (not really. I just liked the turn of phrase)

Jokes apart, my 2018 Charcoal Purple Burst DGT is one of my favourite guitars, particularly because it brings out the good songs out of me. That said, I never gelled with the bridge pickup, so my DGT has had a few choice modifications to make it an ultimate djent/ambient PRS, for me. And oh it also lives in Drop B. Hence the name

I'm trying out a new thing here, not just a review but a bit more of the story of the guitar, both in written and video form. Let me know what you think