Closest pickup to…


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Mar 29, 2015
London, UK
…a Paul’s Guitar?

I’ve got a core one and love it, but I’ve also started my own scratch-builds again and would like to try similar electronics in them.

Funnily enough, of all the guitars I’ve played and owned I’ve yet to try any mini-humbuckers or firebird types, and I’m assuming the PGs might be similar to the minis- is that fair to say? I’m also a big fan of filter’tron types as well, though that’s a fairly different tone yet again.
They're unique pickups with the long & tall bobbins plus the multi-tap winding, so nothing is particularly close that I can think of.

Original mini humbuckers are a world away, but there are some modern options that may be in the ballpark. That or maybe a humbucker in a P90 format.