Cleaning a Hollowbody?


New Member
Jan 28, 2019
I have a Hollowbody ii and I was just wondering how other owners dusted inside their Hollowbody. I have a cat, so some hair is bound to get in there at some point. What’s the best way to get it out? Is there stuff that I should worry about in the body (electronics).
I would use air. I would use my small air compressor and air hose but you could just buy a can of compressed air if you don't have an air compressor and just spray the air in the F hole. Done.
My acoustics get like that. The hollow body isn't that bad yet. I'd use an air compressor and with a nozzle blow gun thing.

On a hollow body, I might take the output jack out so the dust has a place to evacuate that's not directed toward your eyes.