Clean effect becomes distorted when Master increased

Discussion in 'Studio & Stage' started by lpsp2, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    As the title says I'm having some problems with the clean effect. Whenever I need to play louder with the clean effect it becomes some kind of "distortion". I use a BOSS ME-25 with only but the clean effect and a Line 6 Spider 50 and it sounds beautiful with my PRS but whenever I increase the Master, the sound becomes not as clean as I wanted.
    Anyone knows what's up? Tone? Drive? Gain?

    Thanks in advance!
    (sorry for any mistakes in my english writting)
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    Aug 12, 2013
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    Yeah, of course it can. For amps, tube amps at least, the rated watts is the clean watts and at full throttle it can actually be doing twice that. i.e. a 100 watt amp turned up from zero until it just starts to overdrive and then slightly turned back is doing 100 watts. Turn that amp up to 10 and it could be doing 200 watts. That's one of the reasons that people talk of the differences in head room between a 50 and 100 wattt head.

    With your line six it's modeling a tube amp, and their quite good at it, so the more you turn it up the more it will overdrive/breakup. Alternatively you might try turning the knob on the amp up and roll off you volume on your guitar to 7 or 8. Your amp will be louder because you're sending more signal through it but you won't be driving that signal as hard.

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