Classic Headstock Vs. Santana headstock

Whats your favorite?

  • Classic

    Votes: 61 84.7%
  • Santana

    Votes: 11 15.3%

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I didn't vote. I have both and like the guitars that they are on.
That said, the pointy one is clearly recognizable as PRS and that is what I would expect by default.
Like Les, I really like the Santana headstock on the acoustics and think it looks great on the Ted Singlecuts...

Voted Classic, but love the Santana on Acoustic models and think it fits the Santana Sig guitar better than the Classic of course...
I voted classic, but you know I never knew the Santana model had a different shaped headstock.
I just assumed it was like the classic shape like I have on my 2012 SE Santana until I saw this thread here.
I have seen many pics of a Maryland built Santana, but just never paid attention that it had a different shape.
Classic. When you look at the classic headstock, there is no doubt if it's a PRS or not.

Though my two favorite guitars at the moment (and have been for years) are my Teds... both with the Santana headstock! :-o
Classic for me. When I see it it says PRS, in the same way that the 'other guys' protect their headstock shapes as being part of their brand. I like the Santana shape, but see it as part of the Santana signature look.
I like them both, but the Classic is the original PRS headstock. It's very distinctive. However, it's also very modern-looking, and that pointy style evokes hard rock/metal more than other styles of music. The Santana headstock has more of a universal styling to it, but the downside is that it's not terribly distinctive.

I prefer the Classic. It's just what I'm used to, its on all my PRS guitars (including the SE Angelus) and it makes a statement.
I like them both.

The "Classic" one is the PRS look with the history of the Customs and the McCarty. I am glad I did the PRS headstock on my Aquamarine DC 245 Signature PS, it looks great!


This guitar has become my favorite to play, and especially to gig with, with the great 6 pound weight, the great ergonomic package of the DC 245 (my favorite!!), and the awesome 408 pickups.

Agree with the statements here that the SC 245 Ted's look better with the Santana headstock, more of a historical G***** look.


But given my 3+ love affair with the DC 245 Ted, I even dig the Santana headstock on the DC shape. While the "Classic" PRS headstock looks more at home on a Doublecut PRS shape, a la Custom 24, Custom 22, McCarty, to me the Santana headstock shape is part of what signals that particular DC is a DC 245 Ted, which makes it special and different.

This one on my Jade Glow DC Ted is fairly subtle, as there is no binding or purfling on it, while the SC 245 above pops more because it has the binding. The DC and SC in the oven have the Santana shape and both have purfling around the headstock, which will make it more obvious that they have the Santana headstock shape.


Of course the Santana headstock looks pretty good on a Santana as well! :D


So when my 2 Private Stock's in the oven come in, looks like my collection will be 5 of 6 with the Santana headstock, but the one pointy one will be the "Number One" go-to gigging guitar. Weird!
I'm in the horses for courses camp. The classic for the McCarty, CU 22 and 24, the Santana for the Santana and the Ted's, especially the SCs Teds. Drop a Santana headstock on a stripped 58 and I would sing songs of joy and contentment.
Classic. It's original. That Santana headstock is kind of generic. It looks good, I like it on the acoustics but give me classic 99% of the time.
I like both as well, but the classic wins for me. But the Santana stock looks great with his signature model, and the acoustics. I really like them on the acoustics actually.
I cant get into the santana headstock. I think the classic headstock looks great and is easy to spot. I dont think I would buy a prs with santana headstock. Remember, this is just my opinion.
When I go to visit my pusher... cough... I mean guitar store, I scan by headstock first.
I like both types but the classic pops visually for me first.