cigar box guitar


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Jan 13, 2013
Driffield. U.K
I am thinking of making a cigar box guitar and am wondering what sort of pickup would i slap in it. I need to get thebox and neck wood aswell but that shouldnt be a problem.
I think the whole idea is to use whatever you have around, right? Maybe strictly from a construction standpoint, something you could top mount with a mounting ring, like a humbucker? Maybe a surface mount pickup would be good, an old Harmony goldfoil maybe? Can I post anything else and make it a question? :biggrin:
Cool. I might have an old humbucker lying around or a single coil. Just need he box and neck. Thanks for the answer or was it questions?
I made one out of a clipboard and used two suction cup telephone recording mikes as pickups..The didtortionwas incredible. I always wanted to make one out of a boat paddle since Im all nauticle and stuff.
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Cheers doc. Will have a good read of that. Hopefully some time this year i will have a go but the wife want to decorate the house, loads of diy in the garden and a guitar to refinish.
Cheers cjmwrx i think i will take you up on that offer. I,ll send you a pm with my address as i dont have one like i thought i had.