Changing from WideFat to PatternThin.

Hello Dave,

Absolutely PTC - wouldn't want to risk anything not being done by official PRS. Pattern thin (or thinner even if it costs more).

Then again, I will likely go hog wild have them change the 'sticker' inlays to abalone - including the headstock 'sticker' inlay.
I will also have them make the (white) binding of the neck color-matched to the yellowish pickup rings, and have that binding continue around the headstock.
Am also dying to have the clear coat 'edge binding' of the body be revealed in the scalloped section - so that the entire body has a complete contrasting outline when viewed from afar. Tuner buttons from silver to gold to match the gold pickups. And finally repainted in the same blue color.

So it will be a PRS updated 25th anniversary SC/HB2.
I live in northern VA. I'll be driving to the PRS factory to hand deliver the guitar (and pick it up when it is done).

Sheesh. With this many changes, I should just have a custom SC/HB2 made, and have PTC add a contact mic on the body when the selector is at piezo only.

I was wondering if the PTC would be able to take a Wide Fat neck on an older model guitar and sand it down to a Pattern Vintage neck carve.
I think pattern vintage is slightly deeper and the fretboard width may be less?