Changed pickups in the P22, plenty of vids inside

Richard Lainegard

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Jun 15, 2012
Posted this in the general section, but I figured it should be in here, as it refers to my P22

I like the 53/10's that were in the P22, but am a sucker for a real fat neck single-coil tone,
so I ended up getting a custom pup from Veijo Rautia.
It's two single coils mounted side by side on a Hum-plate.
In comparison the 53/10 bridge was a little "weak" sounding, so I also opted to
switch that for a Alnico 5 PAF from the same guy.

Let me tell you though, figuring out the correct wiring with this multiswitch was far from easy,
took a few trial and errors before I got it the way I wanted.

Brought this axe with me on my clinics and sessions in China and Japan.
Thought I'd share some clips of how these pups sound in the P22 (with IRW neck)
Here's a jam clip from a club in Beijing:

And here's a demo of the new dual compressor from MOEN custom shop:

And finally part two of a demo of the new Leqtique Maestoso MAT overdrive:

EDIT: almost forgot, I also did a play-through demo of the P22 in its original state before heading off,
and A/B'd the piezo with a Taylor:

All the vids is with the PRS going through the Kemper profiling amp.
In the P22 play-through it's just different amp-profiles in the Kemper.
In the pedal demos it's a clean Bassman profile used as a base for the pedals.
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