Change prs se locking tunner buttons?


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May 22, 2022
How tunner buttons fit in SE locking tunners? Only prs pieces,

For the SE there is a direct replacement locking tuners. Not sure about the buttons on their own
I have the se locking tunners in my santana se, replace is direct, yes, my question is for the buttons, pearloid, i buy 15dlls in prs page, and i wait, when i have i put the answer in here
How tunner buttons fit in SE locking tunners? Only prs pieces,


I put the pearl buttons on my S2 Standard 22. There are screws on the end of the buttons that have to be removed, then there are a stack of very small washers on the tuner shaft. Simply remove the screw, then carefully slide the button off the shaft, making sure the washers stay on the shaft, install new button, then the screw. Do not over-tighten the screws though. Just snug enough to hold the button on and also to be able to turn the button smoothly for tuning. You may have to retighten the screws from time to time.
The pearloid buttons are much lighter weight than the steel ones.
See above post for removal procedure, its basically as RockinforJesus says. If you want to find replacement buttons, use stuff that fits Gotoh tuners. I swapped buttons on an SE locking set a few months ago and I think I just got some wood buttons off Reverb that fit Gotoh style tuners.