Change neck carve?


New Member
Oct 22, 2022
I bought a sick PRS core 24 in gloss white with black hardware (and no binding) with a natural back. Such a clean guitar. But instead of pattern thin they put on a pattern regular neck. I ended up returning it the next day. I just didn't like chunkiness. I did appreciate the narrower width at the nut but it just felt super beefy to me. Since it was it a one off build I likely won't see another one.

Just curious if anyone has taken their PRS to a luthier and had the neck worked on. The neck is glossed and would love it to be sanded down and maybe have a satin finish, but could a good luthier essentially convert it down to a pattern thin spec? Would the PRS tech center do that too if I sent it to them?
Yes it can be sanded down. Not sure if PRS will do it or not. But it can be done.