Chance to Re-Do the Man Cave

Robert Carr

Why can't I take my guitar everywhere??
Mar 15, 2016
Long story short, basement flooded back in Feb. 2020. Walls ruined, etc. Helpful hint, get you a Samsung Smart Things Moisture detector or similar. $20 for watching the water heater - trust me, those things are worth it. $8,000 worth of damage - logistics nightmare while working from home...

Anyhoo.. I've got a chance to redo the Studio space. For the music area, I've got a question... I've got Marshall A half stack, Marshall Code Amp, Marshall Zakk Wylde Both a Micro Terror and a Tiny Terror Orange amp, and a couple of those Mini Amp Combos (Fender and Orange). Not much of a pedal guy because I've got the Marshall Code 100 to take care of that. Curious on what power/surge protectors are recommended, anything to protect the cables (thinking velcro ties), etc. Problem is I've only got one regular household power outlet, so to power all this (allbeit not at the same time) - along with the light bars for mood :p - what's your opinion?

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Ugh. So sorry to hear.I can absolutely relate. Had that happen back in 2011. Took out all my pedals, pedalboards, computer, pool table and on and on. It was a mess and then fighting with the insurance company for 8 months after. Wouldnt wish that on anyone.
Hopefully theres a bright side to this soon!