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Jet Dallas

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Mar 23, 2018
Long time SE player, my only electric, and much loved. Think my playing warrants something new, have avoided getting a US PRS only because of price, and I really wasnt that good either, now I can play a little and I know from the few times I have handled them now, its going to help my game.

On that point I was playing them at Sam Ash, switching between a custom and a CE, and I preferred the CE. I dont play a bolt on but had strats in the past, ???? , but you know, as guitars some times do and dont, it felt right....

Now seeing lots of good reviews. Anything you guys would ad?


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Good luck on your hunt. We don't talk price on new guitars, but google is your friend. Reverb.com can help you set expectations across a large number of retailers.

CEs are great guitars, and I agree with you. I have always preferred them over Customs. I like the snap of a maple bolt-on neck.

Support PRS and your local dealer and buy a new CE.

Or, check out used CEs from reputable dealers. There are some good deals out there.
No price talk really.....but you can't go wrong with a used CE. Check out the older models.....my '96 CE24 is pretty much my go to guitar for everything. No birds.....but it just has a tone that translates so well!
I have a CE24 semi hollow that I purchased from Sweetwater as a demo model so they took like $300 off the list price. Worth every penny. Mine sounds somewhat similar LP with more snap, more treble (it does not have that low end mellowness in the same way), and a more aggressive attack. It is very much a intermediate sound between a Strat and LP.
Thanks for the replies, I actually like to buy brick and mortar and from a dealer when possible. I buy all my accessories at brick and mortar, and I actively support "our passion"

I am looking now, I thought I had a bad cable but having replaced the cable, the short is in the guitar. No way I am fixing it for $250 when I can buy a perfectly new guitar for $2000.....
Yes...I'm a fan of the older CE's as the bodies have a little fancier carve...but any USA made CE will float your boat.
Years ago, me and a friend played a few CE's (+/-8, he had many) and noticed the more "plain" ones resonated incredibly well!!!
(plain Red/Black, etc...) Enjoy the hunt!!!! The one that sings to you is the one!!!
Get the CE, and then when the money permits get the SE fixed. The other thing you can do is trade in the SE, and have the money used towards your CE. As others have said, get the one that floats your boat sound wise.
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bolt on vs. set neck - as a LP player prior to PRS, a set neck always made the most sense. To me a bolt on was more about cost savings and making something more economically than energy transfer and sustain.

I had a bolt on Charvel Model 4 some years ago and a John Mayer recently. The transition from neck to body for ME, is so much smoother with the set neck.

If you like the bolt on feel and tone better than that is what you should ! get. You are lucky as a CE will save you a few bucks!!
I went in to Sam Ash today, good news, they have a much better selection of PRS then they did prior to C19, I had a pocket full of cash and sat down with a nice sunburst CE, I played for about 10 minutes but held off again. I think I should have bought the one I played a few months ago, but anyhoo, I think I will just drop in a few times in the coming weeks and see if one calls my name. I am going to check on that sale, if I can find a new one for -$500, I think I would do that, there is a whale blue one on Reverb that is priced aggressively as well. Thanks again for the comments.

I am keeping the SE, I have a lot of love for that little sunflower..... : )
So, things went a little south today. I went in to play the CE again, (which I never did) he put a Tremonti in my hands that was a great piece at, and wound up playing a few others, 2-C24's, and as always happens...... I wound up being in serious like with Custom 22 ten top with a pretty serious price tag. Dont cha know....

I decided I can wait a little longer, I need a Custom, thats what I want, and when I play one, nothing else will do....
Tremonti was really great, It was a used piece, priced accordingly so it was pretty appealing, it was a BRICK..... I am taking notice of the weight of the guitars, I noticed one online PRS retailer actually includes the weight of the guitars in the ads.

The Tremonti was a single cut and was noticeably the heaviest of the guitars I played, action was great, and it ripped. I was playing through a Boss Katana Artist, great amp too. I would have picked the Tremonti second only to the C22, the C22 was the second heaviest.

Not sure if the weight thing is in my head, but the heavier pieces just seem to sustain/sing forever, they really put my SE in its place. I think a Custom is going to be a real joy, I can get nuances on these guitars that I just cant find on the SE.... its pretty cool.
There's truth to the depth of tone/nuance from a core PRS. It's impressive.

Hear you on watching the (guitar) weight. I love hollow guitars for the tone and ability to play them all night without my back complaining. That said, I need a Tremonti at some point. I like the control layout better than the 594 and want the trem. The pups aren't my favorite, but that's fixable.

Happy hunting.