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I scoot around in this from time to time...



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Picked up on Thursday.

Congrats, that is a beauty! As for the 500 break in miles, those were the most difficult miles I ever spent on a motorcycle when I picked up my 2003 Screaming Eagle Deuce. To not be able to let it rip was heartbreaking so I know how you feel! Silver lining (as I am sure you know), good times just down the road a few clicks!!!
We we’re getting some take out the other night. What pulls up beside us? A Bugatti Veyron. It’s worth $1.9 million. What the hell was it doing in our corner of the world. You don’t see cars of this nature here. Downtown Toronto yes but not in Pickering.
Wow, that's an epic encounter! A Bugatti Veyron in Pickering? Talk about a rare sighting! It must have been an unforgettable moment to see a car of that caliber in your corner of the world. The sheer power and elegance of a Bugatti Veyron are enough to make any car enthusiast's heart skip a beat. I can only imagine the excitement and disbelief you must have felt when it pulled up beside you. Such high-performance machines are usually associated with big cities like downtown Toronto, but it's fascinating how they can surprise us in unexpected places. On a side note, I've been thinking about transporting my car from Cali to Florida. It's quite a journey, and I want to ensure its safety. I recently came across vehicle relocation services that specialize in long-distance transportation. I might give them a try. What do you think?
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Still only 176 miles, so don’t really know and won’t until 500 miles. But first impression is I’ve never owned a nicer car.
Have always wondered why people who drive such awesome cars usually hit 1000-km mark in 5 years :) If I had this car I would drive 1000 km in a week or so. I drive a Sprinter bought via several years agoand I hit 1000 km every month.
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I’ve never taken more than a week to break in a vehicle. Often it has been a weekend.
First thing I do is take it for a long weekend jaunt, like Florida to North Carolina or similar.
Then let her rip on the way home!
Now got 11k miles on my 911.
It was meant to be driven!
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