Can't intonate Mira SE


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Jan 15, 2023
Hello everyone!
I am new here, since I recently got myself a used Mira SE.
Absolutely loving it so far, but now that it got colder and more moist in my house, all my guitars needed their winterly setup/maintenance.

When I checked the intonation of the Mira, the bottom 3 strings were absolutely perfect, while the top 3 were completely off. The fretted 12th fret and the harmonics are pretty much in line, but my tuner shows they are off by -25 to -50. The intonation gradually gets worse from G to high E.
So I started adjusting the G string and I only got close(!) to having the intonation correct, once I had the saddle maxed out towards the neck. Given that, there isn't any chance of getting the top 2 strings even close to intonating. It almost seems as if the bridge isn't angled enough, which I can't imagine is possible with a mass produced guitar.

- I am using 9's (not fresh, but also not very old)
- reasonably low action (nothing crazy)
- checked neck relief and found that if I set the neck straight/almost straight the open strings choke out on the first string. So I guess the nut is cut too deep? Could that have such a strong effect on intonation, that the whole "double stair-saddle setup" doesn't apply anymore?
- also checked pickup height, just to rule out that they are not causing trouble and found that they were even set lower than factory specs. (Btw: since we are talking humbuckers and their angle is different than the strings, which of the 2 coils do I measure?)

Has anyone had a similar problem before or is there something I am missing? I really think I checked everything and it simply doesn't make sense to me that all 3 high strings want their saddles moved muuuuch closer to the neck than the 3 low strings.

Thank you for any help and advice!
I’m pretty sure there is an allen bolt at the back of each side of the bridge. They make contact with the bridge studs.

If you loosen or tighten them, you can change the angle of the bridge for intonation adjustments, as well as moving the saddles.

If this is something you know, or have already done, apologies.

Hope you get it sorted.
I feel incredibly stupid right now. Have absolutely not seen that and can't believe that I didn't check for that.
Thank you so much! I was losing my mind over this. :D
Case closed!

You’re welcome my friend. Hope this solves it.

All you needed to do was ask someone who's already lost their mind - easy answer!

Thanks Alan, I needed that. :)