Can I get some guidance regarding upgrades?


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Apr 1, 2021
As usual, I can't leave well enough alone and I want to do some upgrades to my beautiful new CE24. Does anyone know which tuning machines come on the CE24? I want to upgrade those. I also want to upgrade the bridge to the Mannmade bridge. Anyone do that upgrade?
You can’t go wrong with a mannmade bridge. I upgraded a bridge on an SE (same bridge as on the CE) and found better sustain and an overall better fullness in sound, and it was silky smooth in operation. I’m certain if you do a search you’ll find all sorts of praise for his trems.

The tuners are the low mass locking - same as the S2. I find they work very well. You could change the buttons if you want to change the look, or give John Mann a call - he knows tons about tuners, even has a good write up if you search around the forum.
Thanks for your help Rally. So the Mannmade trem was an easy installation?
Mann bridge is a classic upgrade. I’m not sure there’s much difference between the S2/CE tuners and the ones made for the core line, I have both and I don’t think I could tell them apart functionally, the core ones have different logo etching and a mounting screw but that’s about it.
Big caution on the MannMade upgrade: the 6 bridge mount holes on the CE are smaller, for the import screws. Make sure you follow his instructions to the letter, you may need to drill them a bit for the larger USA screws. I didn't, and sheared off the top of a mounting screw trying to force it into the smaller holes.
I used the drill bits provided but still sheared off a head! Doh! Good thing John Mann is the best and included two extra screws.

I agree, get the Mann bridge anf skip the tuners.
Also - I see no need to upgrade the CE tuners. I have the stock ones on mine, and they're good.
I'll be that guy that says don't do any mods to your new guitar. Why? Because sometimes mods change things but don't make them better; sometimes they make things worse; unfortunately it's a roll of the dice with your particular instrument, your ears, and your set of expectations. I get that most folks come on here to encourage each other to do mods and buy more stuff, but man PRS makes a great guitar. Can't imagine needing to change anything right away, unless there's a voice in your head that won't shut up and let you play music until you customize it. Of course I have that voice too, and it's my experience that when I silence that voice I play and write A LOT more music which is really the point of all this. Deep in the music, I don't care that I never tried out different brands of tremolo springs or that the neck pickup is slightly out of balance with the bridge pickup. I just create and play, and I stop thinking, which is a beautiful thing. Anyways, your life, your money, your time. Mod everything!