Can’t get tremolo bar in...


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Jan 28, 2021
I received a 2020 PRS Tremonti SE and it has a tremolo bar. I never had one before on past guitars so I try to slide it into hole for the bar. I can’t get but the tip of the bar in the hole. I took the lock screw all the way out, after I descoveres it, and still cannot get the bar to slide in to the hole. It looks like the bar should fit but it still only lets the tip in.(Giggity) I checked the hole with a flashlight and saw no debris in it. What am I doing wrong before I put too much pressure into getting the bar to slide in? The whole bridge moves down as I try to force it into the hole. The PRS video makes it look easy to slide right in. Any help is appreciated.
I received it as a gift. I see online that the core/S2/Se models all use the same tremolo bar, so I would thing it was meant to fit. The sleeve that bar slides into might be my problem. Does the sleeve come out?